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First opened in 2001, we started offering for sale our own naturally/organically raised Beefalo beef, pork, chickens, turkeys, eggs and maple syrup. All 100% anti-biotic and hormone-free products and produced right here at our farm. Folks from all over the area came and enjoyed our products, these were the early days of the localvore movement.  Our customers and especially the kids love being on the farm and visiting with the animals. Our animals are raised with the utmost of care and respect. They have a happy, healthy life while they are here at Hollister Hill Farm.

In 2009 we had the opportunity to expand the farm store. Not only did we make it bigger but we made it more energy efficient. We are now selling organic vegetables and berries from Lee’s garden as well. But, the most wonderful part of this opportunity, we were able to start milking a few cows again. Many of our customers when asked if they would be interested in buying raw milk from us were very enthusiastic. So, we added a milk room/dairy equipment and bought four lovely Jersey cows. Having dairy cows on our farm again makes our farm feel complete.

You now have the opportunity to be a localvore yourself. At our farm you will find small farm raised food at fair prices.

Our store is open daily 9am-5pm

We can ship our maple syrup but sorry, we can't ship our meat or milk.

Farm store

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