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Vermont is truly a special place and one of the things that make it so special is its working landscape; our farm is one of those beautiful throw backs to an era of simplicity.

“Yankee Magazine”- Editor's Choice - May/June 2015 Best Farm B&B

We opened Hollister Hill Farm B&B in 1999, which means this is our 19th year welcoming guests to our farm. Sometimes, new guests will ask us if it is difficult having strangers in our home. We tell them that once they walk in our door they become guests not strangers. We had been dairy farmers for 20 years and in 1997 decided that we could no longer afford to milk cows which was a very sad day for us. We had this big house on the farm, too big for the two of us so we started investigating the possibility of remodeling the house to accommodate guests, we did it. Agri-tourism was in its infancy. From the beginning, having the B&B came naturally to us; we enjoy people, we enjoy talking about our farm, small farm agriculture and eating local, renewable energy and sometimes politics if folks lead us in that direction. It has been a very interesting experience for us and I know that people really enjoy their stay here. We are a 5 star Trip Advisor destination.

When "Yankee Magazine" contacted us and told us that we had been chosen as Best Farmstay in 2015, we were thrilled. Of course, visions of mass reservations and stardom raced through our heads. We told all our friends and family with great pride. We have worked very hard to make our farm productive, beautiful and interesting. We have created a healthy happy environment for our land, people and animals and we are very proud. It is wonderful being recognized for our work by such a prestigious magazine.

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