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Thank you for visiting our site. We have sold the farm and are not taking reservations.

We appreciate all of you who have contributed to our wonderful experience at the farm, memories we’ll carry forever. We're not sure if the new owners, who take possession May 24, are planning to run the B&B in the future, but they are definitely keeping the store open so please continue to visit. As you know, small farms in Vermont are a rarity and becoming more so every year so anything you can do to support Hollister Hill Farm so it’s here for future generations is greatly appreciated. Thank you, again, for your part in our fantastic adventure.

The Dunlops 
Hollister Hill Farm

Farm Store

Our farm store has a variety of delicious, healthy foods, as well as fun merch. We also feature recipes you can prepare at home, with ingredients that come straight from the farm! Stop by our farm store or send us an email at info@hollisterhillfarm.com if you are interested in any of our products.

braised short ribs

Featured Recipe

Hollister Hill Farm “Glory-Be” Braised Short Ribs

This is comfort food at its finest — richly flavorful, wonderfully tender and pleasantly filling.
Pancake mix from Hollister Hill Farm store


Choose from a variety of wonderfully flavorful, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats from our happy, healthy animals, plus magnificent maple syrup made in our own sugar house, Catherine’s pancake mix and addictive granola. Meat products available locally only for pick-up or delivery to select areas.

Merchandise from the farm store - Shirts with the Hollister Hill Farm logo


Made from super soft fabrics and available in an array of sizes and colors, our hoodies and tees are becoming local favorites. Be the first in your neighborhood to wear one and be the coolest kid around. Hats, crewnecks, tea towels and totes also available with either our official scripted logo or our playful piggy version. We even have a baby onesie with cute-as-heck pigtail on the seat.

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